Searching for Free Spelling Homework Assistance

Many students struggle with homework. They especially struggle with spelling homework. Spelling tests can be quite difficult. But there are many tips that can help students memorize their spelling words.

  1. Step one is to make sure that the students understand the reason why each word is spelled the way that it is. Students should be able to sound out the words on their own and they should know what sound every letter in the word is making. Repetition is the key here. By repeating the words out loud in fun and interesting ways, it can alleviate some of the burden that spelling homework brings.
  2. The second step is to try and write the words a minimum of 3 to 5 times. This can be made into a fun game by having the children write them out on the whiteboard or write them out on notecards. You can turn this into a game if you prefer. You can also have the child set up groups for the spelling words, categorizing them based on phonetic sounds. For example, students can create a list of spelling words that are short.
  3. You can create a list of spelling words that start with the letter anthem third step is to invent fun ways for students to play with the spelling words. Have the students write down the word on an index card in big letters. Cut up the index card into each individual letter. Then hand the child the pieces and let them try and put the word back together. This turns spelling into a fun puzzle.
  4. The other way that students might enjoy spelling is to spell the words out loud. You can try and bounce a ball back-and-forth between you and the child as they are spelling the word. For each bounce, they put out one letter of the word.
  5. You can also have children spell the words into a tape recorder. They can then listen to their own voice on the tape recorder and review the spelling of their words. The most important thing is to practice the spelling words regularly throughout the week and to practice at home as much as possible before the actual spelling test at school.

If the spelling is still a challenge for the student, it might be worth it to talk to their teacher or to consult a specialist. There may be specific strategies that the student can use to make spelling easier for them.