How to Find Help with Spelling Homework

Believe or not, there are still teachers who assign spelling homework. Not every teacher thinks that students no longer need to learn how to spell because computers take care of spelling issues. Since so many students no longer learn about spelling rules, they often have difficulty with their spelling homework. Here are some suggestions to help with spelling homework:

Learn the Spelling Rules through Useful Mnemonic Devices

Students need to learn about spelling rules. There are several websites that help students learn the rules and remember the rules. There are collegiate websites that provide information about grammar and mechanics. They offer suggestions for mnemonic devices for all of the rules for spelling. When students can remember the rules in silly ways, they are more likely to succeed on their spelling quizzes and tests.

Learn to Write the Words by Hand

If students are still not succeeding by learning spelling rules, they can also work on learning the way the words feel to write. Students can learn to spell by writing words over and over until they memorize the feeling of the word. While this will not help when it comes to spelling words on a computer screen, students will learn how to spell their words by hand.

Try the Free Spelling Apps

The Internet is full of useful apps for educational purposes, even spelling. There are websites that offer free flashcards so students can practice their spelling words by spelling them orally. There are so many different ways that students can learn how to spell by learning the theories of rules, the feeling of the words, and way the words sound. By covering different learning styles, all students can figure out what works best for them so they can succeed on their spelling tests.

Play Spelling Games for Homework Fun

Along with the flashcard apps, there are games that help students practice their spelling words. These games help students understand the rules and they also learn the patterns that are required to spell the words properly on the computer keyboard. Students do learn from computer games, especially if they are well-crafted so that students use more than just the mouse pad to play the game. If students can associate the new spelling words to something that they already know, they will also have more success in remembering they way the words should look when written.