Vital Recommendations by an Experienced Writer: Looking for Assignment Writing Help

Looking for assignment writing help? If you are in need of a little written direction the assumption is you are just beginning to get your feet wet in the world of professional writing. You have probably chosen a field where you are given assigned writing projects because you love to write. First and foremost, if the written word does not excite you, my most vital advice is to assess your career choice. Writing is a career forged by passion. If it is not there for you be happy and less stressed by finding your passion elsewhere. Assuming you are seeking help with writing assignments because you are a novice and want to get it right let us move on to some useful tips. How to tackle your assignments is an aspect to writing that is subject to several known variables. All vital to completing your assignment are these simple elements;

  • Writing Style
  • Length
  • Topic
  • Where information comes from and how it is used.

As a professional writer you have the knowledge and know-how to complete assignments. You are capable of keeping within the guidelines of assigned topic, working within your assigned length, and you have the expertise in research and citing your sources. If this is your job, you are more than likely accustomed to being assigned all these aspects. What you may not be accustomed to is different writing styles.

What style of writing?

  • News-Style
  • Marketing/Ad-Style
  • Blog-Style


How you tackle your assignment is completely determinate upon the style it should be written. You may be working in an environment that allows for different styles of writing assignments. If that is the case you must acquaint yourself with a handful of the most popular styles used today. The more professional News-Style will focus on the facts! The easiest way to help you in this style is to write with the goal of answering the 5-Ws.

The 5-Ws

  • Who
  • What
  • When
  • Where
  • Why


The next style to get acquainted with is a more commercially used style. Writing in the Marketing or Advertising type style is widely used in business. When writing in this style the key to writing is to write with a “call to action”. It may be a product you are writing about or a new restaurant. Write creating a desire of want. Once the desire is created you want the people to be moved to action. You are to use your writing skills to capture your audience and convince them to do something. Remember these two keys:

  • Create Desire
  • Call to Action


The last style and one of the more popular styles of writing today is in a Blog style. If you are keeping up a company or personal blog the writing will be essentially the same. Blogging is a more laid-back writing style. Writing in this style will be more of your style. There are less rules here and your voice is what should shine through. This means more of your thoughts and ideas than quoting in depth research. Whatever style you are assigned being versed in