Right Brain / Left Brain Homework Tips For Students

All people have two parts of the brain that are responsible for certain abilities and activities. It’s a well-known fact that left and right parts of the brain give us different skills. At present, after a century of researching, it’s supposed that the left brain plays a significant role in practically all verbal processes involving speaking, reading and writing, in verbal thinking and analysis. Right brain is thought to be dominant for nonverbal tasks, for example, musical hearing, orientation in space, emotional reactions, intuitive perception.

All these activities of brain parts can affect studying greatly. If you want to be productive while studying, you need to determine which part of your brain is dominant. As a rule, you can tell which side dominates according to your prevailing skills. If you are good at mathematics and analysis, your left brain hemisphere is more active; if you are a great musician or a talented artist, you probably have a more active right brain hemisphere.

When you determine the dominating brain hemisphere, you can start improving your homework routine in order to be more effective and productive. It will also help you control peculiarities of your thinking that can cause problems with studying. At the same time, by involving both hemispheres of your brain, you can achieve much more than if you concentrate only on those abilities that are provided by the dominating hemisphere.

So, if you are a left brain student, you need to give attention to the following tips:

  1. Eliminate everything that can distract you while studying.
  2. Keep your room and working place in good order.
  3. Give preference to analytical essays.
  4. Keep notes and organize all your tasks in a to-do list.
  5. Avoid studying in a crowd; study in silence and solitude.
  6. Don’t be afraid of your natural criticism and talent to do perfect analysis.
  7. Choose teachers with the same structure of mind (if possible).
  8. Undertake more tasks that demand creativity.
  9. Try to avoid arguing with teachers too often and too hotly.

If your right brain is the dominating one, you will succeed with your homework with these tips:

  1. Maintain control of your daydreaming.
  2. Let your creativity and imagination find non-standard solutions.
  3. Prefer doing personal essays.
  4. Try to keep your things in good order.
  5. Give more attention to making notes to prevent forgetting.
  6. Take advantage of images when you study.
  7. Avoid thinking too much about all possible outcomes when you search for a solution.
  8. Try hard to complete each task that you undertake.
  9. Help your brain digest the information and store it, using visual structures and schemes.