5 tips that will make your school homework shine

Schools everywhere, irrespective of their size, organization, or geographical location, always hand out homework to students regularly. The objective for this simple but prevalent exercise is simple –to make learning a continuous process. However, most of the students view the concept of homework as a cumbersome exercise. In order to break this paradigm and make your homework shine, here are a few tips and tricks.

  1. Study at the same time every day
  2. Except on days when certain emergency issues need to be dealt with, care should be taken to schedule your homework hours at the same time every day. This practice is helpful because it conditions the human mind to get into a routine that enables it to focus completely on the homework at hand, over the schedule time period. As is a well-known fact, anything that is practiced for a period of twenty one days becomes a habit. Therefore, within a short span of time, homework becomes easier when done at the same time daily.

  3. Organize your working area
  4. The area where you intend to settle down and perform your homework must be homework-friendly. This means that the area must be –

    • Clutter-free and tidy.
    • Organized in such a way that there is a place for everything and everything is in its place.
    • Self-sufficient, i.e. complete with all the required paraphernalia like stationery, notebooks, etc.
    • Pleasing to the eye, and to mind of the students.
  5. Understand the objective of the homework assignment
  6. You must understand the concept behind the assignment given to you. Only then it will be possible to go through with it effectively. Once you understand what is expected of you regarding a particular piece of homework, you will be capable of presenting it better. This will eventually lead to an excellent performance on the homework front.

  7. Minimize all kinds of distractions
  8. Distractions are of two kinds – physical and mental. Physical hurdles to an effective homework include television, radios, cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets, babies, siblings, loud noises, etc. These can be minimized or even eliminated completely by choosing a workplace that doesn’t entertain such distractions.

    As for the mental distractions, it is essential to calm yourself, clear your thoughts, and focus on the task at hand in order to avoid them.

  9. Take help from friends and family
  10. Certain topics may be slightly harder to understand. In such cases, it is perfectly acceptable to take the help of any member of your family, or of a friend who has understood the subject. However, taking help does not mean having them do your homework for you. It means you should understand the hard bits, and work to the solution yourself.