Getting urgent help with chemistry homework

If you are studying chemistry and find your homework is overwhelming remember that you can use a quick and effective strategy to help you get through the hard times. Whether you are taking a high school chemistry class or a college course or even a middle school class you can incorporate these steps to stay on the right track with your homework and get it done no matter the deadline.

  1. Do not procrastinate. Cramming will not teach you anything. Yes it can seem appealing to put things off until tomorrow hoping that inspiration will strike but it won’t. Waiting until the night before to do your homework or study for your test will only result in your grades suffering. This is especially true for chemistry. This is a subject that takes time to master. You will only hurt yourself if you keep putting things off until “later”. You need a solid knowledge base in order to progress from one topic to the next and procrastination only impedes this.

  2. Make flash cards. The reason that elementary and primary schools use flashcards to introduce new concepts is because they are effective. Some of the information you are trying to learn will actually be learned as you are making the cards. The rest will be learned as you practice with them. Get index cards and change up the order in which you study your topics. This is something you cannot do with a text book alone but it will ensure you understand each concept individually.

  3. Use a highlighter. Use it religiously. Your goal here is not to highlight every sentence in your book until the entire thing is fluorescent. But you do want to highlight important things such as bold typeface or subheadings. More often than not your professor will gather their test questions and concepts from these areas. So highlight them and give yourself a leg up on your physics work.

  4. Use Mnemonics. This means you take the first letter of multiple words in a sequence and turn the first letters into a single word or phrase that you memorize. This memory aid can really help you learn a series of information. One popular mnemonic is to aid memorization of metric prefixes. They are:
    • Kilo
    • Hector
    • Deca
    • Meter
    • Deci
    • Milli

The mnemonic is “Kangaroos Hopping Down Mountains Drinking Chocolate Milk” This can also help you memorize key concepts if you put the mnemonic to music.