What to know before buying homework assignments on the web

Tutors/Lecturers/Professors aren’t stupid! – If you’ve previously submitted a piece of work, the tutor may be aware of your writing style, of the type of phrasing that is typical for you to use; they’ll certainly be aware of your previous marks. If you submit a piece of work that has a very eloquent turn of phrase that is out of the ordinary for you, or the work contains none of the language/grammatical/spelling errors that you typically make – this will stand out to the tutor as being ‘too good to be true’. If you submit a 1st class piece of work, and you’re normally a 2:2 kind of student, again this may raise suspicions with the tutor. If the content is overly-complicated/complex or shows a level of learning that is advanced for your education, this will be noticed by the tutor. You could be very easily caught out by a few well-chosen questions from the tutor addressed to you, if you don’t know the answers.

The person writing the assignment for you – ‘may’ be very knowledgeable in your subject area (see the above point for pitfalls if this is the case), but they equally may not be. The information they quickly acquire, probably from Internet sources may not be properly understood by them, and may not be academically sound. Any mistakes they make, become your mistakes, when you submit their work as if it is your own. The person writing the assignment could also drop-out at the last minute, or be late with the work – meaning that either you’re late submitting your assignment, or that you have to write it all anyhow! The best advice – is to just do it yourself in the first place.

The purpose of the homework assignment – Ok, so why are you considering buying a homework assignment from the web? Is it because you don’t understand the subject? Or don’t feel you’re very good at it? Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and this is natural and nothing to be ashamed of. If you need help ask for it. The purpose of assessment is to measure whether you’ve achieved a certain academic level. If you’re getting someone else to complete this work for you, then you haven’t personally achieved it. There’s a danger in pretending to be something you’re not and this has a way of catching up with you, in exams, or in real-life jobs later down the line.