Motivating Guide: How to Stop Procrastinating with Homework

Getting started with anything is a challenge if you’re a procrastinator. Half finished craft projects may litter your room. The reminders of activities that were once enjoyed and then pushed aside may haunt you. Worst of all, your homework suffers and as a result, your grades do to. If this sounds like you in any way, try the following steps to help you stop procrastinating about your homework.

Make sure you have the correct instructions

As a procrastinator, any excuse to stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing will seem logical in the moment. If you look at your assignment and it seems unintelligible, you will convince yourself to stop right there. You may even resume another unrelated task to get the feeling of being busy. Look over your assignments right after they are issued so that you know what you have to do before you begin later on. If you’re confused, ask the teacher to explain right away.

Get some company

Sometimes having people around you who are intent on completing the same assignment you have can give you that little boost of motivation that you lack on your own. Do not invite people to do homework with you who are more interested in socializing. Your inner procrastinator will follow along with them and you’ll get nothing done.

Have a set “homework hour”

There should be a time set about every day that you remove all the distractions that intrude on your focus and just do homework. On days when you have no homework, you should use this time for independent study. That alone can male you a better student.

Rest regularly and reward

One of the key traits of procrastinators is a misunderstanding of what can be accomplished in a given amount of time. As a result, they are prone to ridiculous blitzes of cramming or rushed assignments because ignored deadlines are now moments away. To break this habit, once the set homework time is established, get used to having breaks in between which include rewards. For instance, half hour of homework followed by five minutes of social media. It will be hard at first to resume in the specified time but you can set an alarm to remind you.

Motivating yourself to keep going starts with practice but as many former procrastinators will agree, you can only get it done if you stop putting it off.