Where to Find Suitable Answers for Social Studies Homework

Social studies can be a tough subject for many students. Finding good and suitable answers can be just as difficult. Knowing where to find them, makes it much easier. And can help the student learn more as well. This is what will be talked about here, where and how to find suitable answers for social study questions.

  1. Textbooks
  2. Libraries
  3. Online
  4. Media


The students’ own textbook will have a lot of the answers in them already. Reading the chapter thoroughly and a couple of times will show the answer. It will be a brief answer, as the textbook has to cover so much information in so much space. But it is always the best place to start. Looking for the key words; words that give direction as to what is being looked for, is the most important part. Write these words down, as they will be needed.


Both the school and public libraries are good places to find suitable answers for social studies. They have many books on the related topics, as well as journals and media. Using the collection of key words, books, journals, and media can be found that will help with finding suitable answers. Use the card catalog to look for the subject. Most card catalogs have key words listed on the cards, or files (if it is computerized). Cross referencing the key words will show what can help.


The use of the internet can also be a valuable resource. Using the keywords in the search engine will bring sites that have information on the project. Most of the better sites will have a .ed or .org after them, but this is not all. There are sites that specialize in helping students, and they will have information on that grade level. Specialized sites that help students will usually know what the schools are looking for. This makes for more suitable answers for social study questions.


With the boom of learning channels, this has opened a lot of media information on many subjects. And they are at the fingertips of the children now. Back in the sixties through the nineties, this was not so. Today kids can watch a show, or go online to find videos by experts in many subjects. This does include social studies. Parents can even buy them now and keep them back for their children to use.