Help With French Homework: How To Study Effectively

Learning a second language is becoming an increasingly valuable skill in today's competitive job market. Increasingly, employees are expected to deal with people from around the world, and having English as your only language may hold you back when you enter the workforce. If you hope to do business, conduct research, or even just travel in France and continental Europe, you will want to learn French.

Like any subject you study, French will sadly involve a considerable amount of homework! But there are ways to get it done efficiently and effectively. Read through the following list for some super study suggestions!

Do A Little Homework Daily

If you let yourself fall behind, you may need to spend more time catching up on your French homework, than with assignments dealing with other subjects. A little practice, and a few new words every day, will keep you up to speed on the course material. When you do get homework assignments, you will have the knowledge fresh in your mind, and be apply it quickly to the task at hand

Get Friendly! Form A French Study/Conversation Group

Learning a language is far more enjoyable when you get the chance to practice, especially with friends or classmates. Make a rule that for 15 minutes of the study session, only French is allowed to be spoken. Organize a trip to a cafe where there are native French speakers and agree that there will be no English allowed!

Wall Paper Your Flat With Words!

Some people find that when they are learning French vocabulary, it can be a great help (and fun) to try and label as many items in their home as possible, with tags in French. You will be constantly reminded of the names for frequently used items without having to do anything at all! Of course, it is not the path to developing good grammar, but it is one tool to add to your French learning arsenal.

Repetition And Review Are Key

Learning a language takes , and is the culmination of layers of knowledge built up over years. A quick review of the previous lesson before you start a new assignment is a great way to refresh your memory. You may learn more efficiently as well. You will not need to keep flipping back to the previous week's notes while you work, if you have already reviewed your past lessons.

Listen And Learn

Listening to French instructional CDs, TV shows, movies and even music, can make learning easier and enjoyable. Edith Piaf (may she rest in peace!) was a spectacular singer, and she still makes an excellent language teacher!