How to notice errors or weaknesses in your homework

Homework is one of those things that students love to hate. They know that homework is important because it can help reinforce lessons that are learned during the class period. However, homework usually interferes with other, more exciting options. When you are working on your homework, you want to get it done right the first time so you do not have to look for errors. Unfortunately, many students find that they have errors or other weaknesses in their homework, but they do not even realize it. Luckily, there are a few easy things you can do to notice when you have mistakes that need to be fixed, especially in writing assignments.

Do a Read Aloud

One of the easiest ways to spot errors or weaknesses in homework essays is to read the essay aloud. When you do this, you will immediately hear the problems that you have accidentally created. In many instances, students who write essays as homework tend to forget words or they repeat the same ideas over again. By reading your work out loud, even in a very quiet voice, you will be able to hear what you might have missed.

Put Away Your Distractions

Another way to stay aware of what your errors is to put away your technology. As soon as you put away your phones or you turn off your WIFI on your computer, you are less likely to make mistakes. You will be more aware of the writing you do and less aware of the message that are coming in and going out. If you must use the Internet to get your writing finished, then try to limit yourself to any time wasting that you might be compelled to do.

Use an Editing App

You can also find your errors by using an online editing app. There are plenty of free apps available on the Internet. Most of them require you to copy your essay and paste it into their dedicated space. You usually have to choose your academic level and press a key to get the app to work. Once it is finished reading through your essay, the app will point out areas of weakness. Some spots will be easy to assess and repair, but others might require you to think about your language arts courses. Since editing apps cannot read for voice and tone, they will only be able to look at mechanics, spelling, word choice, and variety. You should be able to fix a few things with an app, though.