How to Logically Organize Your History Homework

History homework is not the same as science or math. For history, students have to be able to organize their thoughts without the aid of the assignment. Often, these homework assignments come in the format of a research paper or essay. Due to this, students have to be able to keep track of their notes and organize all of their thoughts. If the notes are in order, the history homework can be written according to the notes without any difficulty.

  • Remember to Use Note Cards
  • With decades or centuries worth of information, organizing notes is the key to successfully completing a history assignment. In general, students are better off if they use note cards. With a note card, it is simple to track information and easier to switch around the order of an outline. Although it may initially take more time, it is far easier for looking up quotes, sources or information as the student writes the essay.

  • Keep Bibliography Notes
  • For larger research papers and assignments, tracking every source can be nearly impossible. As students perform research for the essay, students need to write down the source information and source type on a single card. For easier referencing, each source can also be designated a letter. Later, notes about information can be labeled with the source's letter to make finding research notes easier.

  • Writing Down the Data
  • Each note card should include the source's letter in the upper left corner. The information should be written on the card. If it is a quotation, students need to write down the page number and place quotes around the sentence. This last step is extremely important to make sure that students do not accidentally plagiarize a document. The page number for the information should always be written down so that background details can be looked up if they are necessary.

  • Putting the Note Cards in Order
  • Once the entire research process is complete, the note cards should be categorized according to subtopics. If there are not enough cards in an individual pile to make a paragraph or to adequately use for exam preparation, they can either be combined with another pile or new research can be performed. Once every subtopic is arranged completely, students can start to put the subtopics into a logical order. This will help for writing the essay. Any references are already on the card and the information and ideas are already present. All the student has to do is write paragraphs as they read through their cards.

This technique for history homework works well for writing essays or research papers. It can also be used to prepare for an exam. Since the notes are already in order, it makes it simple to study and reference different parts of a time period.