7 important things you should know about online academic writing assistance

Academic writing assistance is one of the best ideas to ever hit the Internet. Students no longer have to visit collegiate writing labs or make appointments to meet with their instructors during their limited office hours. With online academic writing assistance, students no longer have to spend time in crowded and busy after school study halls. With online academic writing assistance, students can get the help they need at any time of the day or night from the convenience of their own computers. Regardless of the convenience, there are a few important things to consider before committing to a writing site.

  1. - Find a writing site geared to your academic level. Some sites are geared toward high school students, others to undergraduate or graduate students. The level you choose will dictate the complexity of the help you get.
  2. - Do not pay for more services than you need. If you know you only need an hour of help, do not buy three hours of help. You might not ever use the service again.
  3. - Find a site with native English speakers. Non-native speakers will not be able to give the same quality assistance that native speakers will be able to give. Your instructor will immediately recognize non-native writing, even if you do not.
  4. - Be sure your name will remain anonymous. When you join the site, make sure your username is not your real name and do not use an email address that has your actual name in it. Even if you do not use the site for cheating, some instructors might consider getting online academic help a form of cheating.
  5. - Do not use a school computer or email address when accessing the site. School emails and computers can be traced. See #4.
  6. - Do not give away any personal information. Any personal information that you give away could be used against you. Some of the online academic writing sites will write papers for students. Keep in mind that you are working with people who help students cheat. They might even try to cheat you. When it comes time to pay, be sure you are paying on a secure site with an “https” in the URL.
  7. - Ask questions. The more questions you ask, the more answers you will get. Take time to learn about the people who are going to help you earn grades in your coursework.