Is There Any College Homework Help Online?

Yes, there are a lot of places online that can help you with your college homework but you have some options to choose from because there are a few different kinds of help available.  There are homework help sites, online communities that help with your homework, tutors that you can hire, and also ones that are free.  When you are getting ready to choose one of these options, you have to look at what kind of help you need and what do you think will be the best option for you to learn.

Homework Help Sites

This homework help sites are free and have lessons and material that can help you with your homework. Some have sections for each subject and others have tutorials and links that can help you with your homework.

  • Hippo Campus helps kids in high school and college with their homework.  This site has course material and lessons to help you with your college homework.
  • Info Please helps you with specific subjects and also can help you with skills like studying and writing.
  • Homework Spot also has material from different subjects but it also has links that will help you find the answers to your homework problems.

Online Communities

These online communities have other students and experts that can help you with your homework.  Most of these places have discussion boards or forums for whatever subject that you might be working on and others that have posted on them to help each other.

  • Cramster or Chegg is an online study community that is available for free for college students.  It not only has college students in the community but they also have parents, teachers, and experts on every subject to help you with your homework.
  • Learn Hub is a social networking site that helps college students find other students to help with their homework.
  • Student is a college social network of students that use forums and message boards to talk to other students about homework help.


There are a lot of tutoring services out there and the free ones are the more logical ones but there are some go paid ones that can help you with your homework.

  • Local Library, most places now days do have free tutoring available to them through their local library and some even do the tutoring online.  The only requirement to most of these is that you have a library card.
  • Student Questions is a site that has free and paid tutors that are available to you but you can choose who you want to use and that a good way to save money.