Fifth Grade Math Homework: You Can Have It Right Now

Grade 5 is often the final year of elementary school, but it is also the year when students begin preparing for high school. The level a child achieves on a standardized Math test during fifth grade may help determine placement in higher-level Math classes during middle school. In New York City, for example, a child who scores a level 4 on the standardized fifth grade Math test may be offered an opportunity to enter Math classes in middle school that teach at least a grade above his or her actual grade as preparation for taking a high school level Math class in eighth grade. If that child passes both the class and the standardized test at the end of eighth grade, he or she will earn credits towards high school while still in middle school. The importance of Math homework as an opportunity to hone a child’s skills should not be underrated.

  1. Common Core Standards for Grade 5
  2. With much of the United States following the new Common Core State Standards for Math, both the child and the parents should get familiar with what the child must master during fifth grade. During this year, students focus on: improvement of algebraic thinking, number and operations in base ten, number and operations. Some of what they learn will be an extension of what they learned during previous years. Other topics, however, may be completely new.

  3. Ideas for Helping Children Master the Standards
  4. There are several ways parents can help their child be successful in mastering fifth grade Math:

    • Check nightly to see if the child’s Math homework was completed.
    • Seek out websites that discuss the Common Core Math Standards to see what the child must master in Grade 5.
    • Attend Open School Night and other school-based presentations designed to inform parents about the Math curriculum used at the child’s school.
    • Ask teachers to provide links to Math websites on the child’s grade level
    • For understanding volume and geometry, have the child help around the house with tasks that involve measuring and critical thinking, such as cooking, or rearranging a room using the size and shapes of the furniture as a guide.

    Taking an active role in understanding Grade 5 Math sends a message that all work, especially homework, is important to being a successful student.