Where to Find Help

The main two places the writer would suggest the student look for help with his homework would be the Internet and the, the Library. The resources available from these three sources can prove to be vast. On the Internet, one can explore and research various websites and search engines pertaining to the subject of the student’s homework. The Librarian at the Library can be of assistance to the student in finding materials over the Internet, relevant to the subject matter for which the student is looking.

Who to Seek For Help

The student is looking for help concerning the following areas: Who to seek help for the student’s homework from that could assist him with his search on the Internet? Many times Instructors, Librarians, Counselors, Departmental Staff and others may have additional resources for the client concerning availing the student with additional computer skills in addition to directing the student toward Internet resources.


The Internet can often supply assistance in the areas needed, or direct the student to resources, both people, books, papers, studies, CD’s, DVDs, CD-ROMS, tapes, etc., all of which the Internet can lead the student to. The development of these resources can yield a large volume of work for the student to sort through in order to find help with their homework.


Counselors may be able to help from the perspective of conducting an assessment of the student. The assessment may be conducted on a casual, oral basis or it may be conducted as a formal written questionnaire. The aim of the assessment is to assess the client’s strengths and limitations to determine where the students’ vocational potential lies. Counselors may use the information gathered from the assessments and interviews conducted with the client, to direct the student toward an Internet search or searches that the counselor feels complements the students skills and abilities and the course of work being offered at the school.

Departmental Staff

  • Departmental Staff can direct the student toward resources that may be found in the school. They would have specific knowledge, as opposed to the Librarian whose knowledge is more general. The Departmental Staff too may have more of an idea of how the course is structured and what the requirements of the Instructor are so that they can direct the student toward specific information that addresses the subject matter of the student’s homework.
  • Finally, the syllabus, the school website, the course website and any eBooks available that are relevant to the class could give the student their initial direction and guidelines that the student needs to pursue the research needed, to get quality help for their homework through the Internet searches or websites and search engines.