Can i trust college homework helpers that work online?

Let us face it, homework is hard. It is the most constant factor in any class, high school, or college. In addition, while you are doing homework, it can often be tempting to look for help, online and elsewhere. Your success is very dependent on your ability to do homework properly, so getting homework help online is a good answer. In addition, this help is genuinely useful; and if you use it only when you are stuck, you will still learn the material, and learn it well. The question though is whether such material and answers are trustworthy. Generally, you will be okay, but there are a couple things to note.

If you are using automated helpers, be very, very careful. For languages classes, the answer you get will almost never be perfect; there are also translation errors all the time. So typing a sentence into a translation engine for, say, a German class, your result probably will not be in the form the teacher wants. Therefore, that is something to be wary of. Sentence diagramming and that sort of thing is not perfect, so automated helped will have to be proofread if you go that way- and often this approach doesn't save you too much time.

Math helpers are actually quite accurate, and their accuracy can be verified. You can generally trust programs that run through mathematical functions- primarily because they are coded by programmers who have a vested interest in getting the math done properly, and this is often done free of charge. The thing to watch out for is that sometimes they are not explained in full, and you will have to do it yourself to show your work and understand the concepts. However, getting the answer first and experimenting with the homework helper is something that can give you a greater understanding of the problem.

Manual homework helpers, tutors, and answers posted by denizens of the internet are a bit more complicated. Generally, people are trustworthy, or at least trying to help, but that by no means they will come up with the right answer. Many people are simply wrong, unless you are getting help through a trusted service. In this case, of course, the answers will be true to some extent; but if you are looking at a conversation or archived discussion that it might not be the best place to get your information. Especially at the college level, when the material is difficult, it is best to take any help you get with a slight grain of salt.