Using Your Classmates Geometry Homework Answers: Possible Errors

While copying a classmate’s geometry homework can be an easy way to get the assignment finished in time, there are some major issues with this course of action. The problems you can encounter should you decide to do this are:

  • Naturally, the biggest problem is that the answers you are copying might be incorrect. This makes the whole task pointless, because you won’t get the credit you desire. In some cases though, this might be preferable to not handing in an assignment.
  • While correct solutions are usually very similar, or even identical. It’s difficult to find two incorrect answers that are the same. This means that you will be drawing the teacher’s attention to the fact that you weren’t the one to do the assignment. In this case, both parties usually get reduced scores, because it’s impossible to determine who was the one to do the assigned homework.
  • You won’t be able to learn much if you just copy the answers from someone else. This may not seem like a problem in case you won’t need a high grade in this subject. However, this will make preparing for exams extremely difficult. Without understanding the concepts behind geometry problems, you won’t be able to solve the ones you will face in the test.
  • Even though there are some serious drawbacks to copying your classmates’ math homework, you can benefit from doing this if you use the opportunity wisely. You can compare your answers or get the ones that you cannot solve yourself. Studying the solution closely will help you understand every step one needs to take to solve the problem. In a way, this will be just as effective as tutoring. However, only people with enough dedication and good understanding of basic math will be able to achieve this.

    Use Additional Sources

    Do not forget that your classmates’ notebooks aren’t the only place where you can find the geometry homework answers you need. There are websites that offer this kind of information.

    You can also benefit from using online problem solvers that will do the calculations for you. Bear in mind that this software is faulty. This means that you should double-check the results the program offers by using several different services.

    In case you want to learn how to solve the problems yourself, use online tutors or video lessons to increase your geometry knowledge. This is also a perfect option for the students that have to miss some classes due to health issues or other personal problems. This way, they will be able to catch up with the class easily.