Homework Policy for Middle School

The middle school years are formative and many of the concepts are linear with core stepping-stones. Not doing homework for any reason could result in a student missing vital and integral steps in a concept or formula. These bad habits could also make the child ineligible for honors or AP classes if a history of such behavior is noted. Make sure you know the homework policy. There are some homework standards:


Communicating with the teacher if a child is absent is an important step in getting the homework. Additionally, if there are extenuating circumstances surrounding the absence, these could be explained via email. Teachers have more time to email and respond to emails than to phone calls.

Check Often

The majority of schools and districts now have a site where a child can review his or her grades. Contact the teacher about missing homework immediately.


Most schools will have the following homework policies (or a very similar variation of this list)

  • No more than 30 minutes in each subject night
  • No homework on the nights of religious holidays or assembles
  • One grace on a missed assignment
  • Percentage of grade for work not fully completed
  • No more than 5-10% of the overall grade is from homework
  • Five missed homework assignment results in a parent conference
  • No A can be received if no homework is completed
  • A homework notebook may have to be kept and carried to class for spot checks
  • The notebook check could end up being worth a test score
  • Homework help is available during certain times
  • Homework is important to mastering a step and should be looked at if completed
  • Homework should never be busy work
  • Homework should not be a punishment
  • There should be some down time once the child returns home before he or she starts the homework

Homework provides practice for concepts and helps with mastery of skills. It is an important step in the learning process and should not ever be ignored. It should not take hours on end to complete, nor should the student ever ignore it. A missed homework or two is not catastrophic, but a pattern of missed assignments should be corrected as soon as possible. Developing good study habits like completing homework in a timely fashion will make your learning experience much easier and you will have more success!