10 great homework ideas: improve your writing

Improving your writing is the most direct route to enhancing the overall quality of your work. Everything that you will be assigned, with the possible exception of mathematics, geometry and such, will be heavily dependent on your ability to express your ideas in clear, uncluttered, unambiguous prose. But knowing this and doing it are two different things! So, how do you go about improving your writing, and what benefits can it have on your work?


  • Time
  • The first way to go about making some improvement in your writing is to take your time with your homework. If you are in a rush to finish, you are unlikely to be concentrating sufficiently to produce good, clear work.

  • Simple Sentences
  • Do not try to do too much with your sentences; there is no point having a long, complex sentence, with many clauses and sub-clauses, when you are not expressing what you want to express. The point of writing is to express ideas, so remember this when you are writing.

  • Avoid Comma-Splices
  • The most common problem with writing, particularly at school and college level, is comma splicing, comma splicing is when two independent clauses, which should be separate sentences, are joined with a comma, rather than being separated with a full stop, this is what I have done in this paragraph.


  • Addressing the Question
  • If you are writing in a more clear style, then your point, the answer to whatever you have been asked, will be much easier to grasp. If your point is clear, then you are much more likely to get a good grade.

  • Aid Understanding
  • When you take time to understand how sentences work, how paragraphs work, and how to work with them, you will also find that you reading and comprehension ability improves. If you know how language works, then you can see how others are making their point.

  • Less Time
  • In the end, taking time to learn to write, and to write clearly, will save time in editing, for you, and time wondering whether or not you have answered the question!

Improving your writing will have a holistically positive effect on your experience of homework, from the act of writing itself, all the way to the end grade. So, what have you got to lose?